Chapter 12: Yes We Can, When We Change

Letter to Middle England

…Cognitive development, however, does not guarantee emotional development. We may be cognitively developed and emotionally at a lower stage, the egocentric or ethnocentric stages of development. This makes it impossible for us to walk our talk – we talk one thing and walk another.

When this tendency is not just an individual one, when a culture takes on these traits, the people within that culture inevitably become pathologised by this conflict because of the fundamental contradiction between the two stages of development. Thus, even though our liberal, advanced democracies have told us that there are certain judgments that a caring person must not make in relation to skin colour, religion, gender and sexuality, we have been unable to live up to these aspirations because the vast majority of people have not evolved the necessary worldcentric, postmodern or pluralistic world view that underpins genuine non judgmental acceptance of the different…

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