About the series

Do you wonder why no matter how hard you work to be better, to stay on the ladder of success, that you’re haunted by this feeling that you’re not good enough?

  • How, in spite of the progress we are supposed to have made, so many of us are addicted to drugs, food, sex, alcohol and more?
  • Why as a world we are experiencing unprecedented levels of poverty, violence, crime, and anxiety?
  • Why in spite of the political correctness that dominates our thinking, bigotry and hate are on the rise?

The How would that make you feel? book series offers you some possible insights into the thinking behind these questions. It challenges and takes no prisoners in its thoughtful analysis of the rule for thinking that we are taught to accept as correct, that all men are created equal but not born equal.

It encourages you to ask deep questions about who you really are – your house, where you live, your job or the car you drive?

  • Are you REALLY what you look like or do you HAPPEN to be what you look like?
  • What comes first, being Human or being male or female, your skin tone, or the culture or belief system that you are born into?
  • Do we really believe that a beautiful car, house, appearance, a good education or address makes us better or happier?

If you’d like to unpack your thoughts on these questions about the ideas that we are sold every day about who we are, then take this ride inwards to reflect on the author’s analysis of where these ideas come from and why they must be challenged. This experience might just help you find new ways of seeing, and being yourself.

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