Prologue: Facing Up 5

Sneak Peeks – Letter to Middle England

… I have often wondered what it would feel like if British news was run by the Chinese and we only got to hear about and see images of the worst excesses of the English, their plundering past, their cruelty, their brutal and merciless exploitation of the poor at home, and their denigration and abuse of their Celtic neighbours. The list goes on and on. Imagine the images of English businessmen, slave traders, and their near naked fettered African slaves being auctioned off at a slave market to the highest bidder or strung to a tree for trying to escape. Watch the images of our government going to war to force another country, China, to buy opium that it didn’t want. Watch again, the use of torture, oppression and repression just five decades ago of those who dared to campaign for freedom in their own lands. Realise the subsequent, systematic use of emotional and psychological torture via the government’s media partners to undermine the peoples’ confidence so that they were kept passive, incompetent and unable to act in their own interests. Review the assassination plots that saw legitimate governments overthrown and replaced with puppet governments that did England’s bidding. Witness the systematic plunder of the natural resources of those lands which built the infrastructure of modern Britain and left those lands poorer than they found them; and become aware of the historical and under-reported exportation of corruption through the use of ‘sweeteners’ and commissions by British corporations and entrepreneurs to secure deals with corrupt dictators in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and wherever there is money to be made…




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