Prologue: Facing Up 4

Know Thyself

…My journey began with the breakup of my relationship with my childhood sweetheart. It left me free to search for – what I couldn’t put so clearly into words at the time – life beyond the world I had grown up in. I didn’t want to settle for life as the wife of an accountant, the safety of knowing where I was positioned in the social and economic strata of society; determined to stay there no matter the cost. I wasn’t prepared to settle for the ideas about myself and others that I had been taught, ideas that I had learned to deeply distrust; nor did I relish the boredom and predictability of just knowing one partner for the rest of my life.

Suffice to say, I haven’t looked back since; except, with this deep desire to join the dots, to make sense of how all the scenes link together in this act of my story about how I truly came to know myself and how I continue to learn so much more about myself…

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