As highlighted on the Welcome page, the author has been involved in the conceptualisation and development of comprehensive solutions to support the healing of the divisions that separate us along gender, ‘race’, class and religious lines.

A timeline for delivery has been established once sufficient funds from the books’ sales are in place to facilitate these developments. The core projects are:

1. Mi Casita

which focuses on gender equality guided by the theme, The Art of Happiness. It provides a platform for promoting opportunities for the self-fulfillment of the individual rather than on physical differences.

2. Kosmo People

for those who have purchased books and would like to contribute their voice to the change agenda. It offers an alternative fair, sustainable, ethical and abundant socioeconomic model, a brand for world transformation.

3. Change Makers

the individuals responsible for actively growing the community, developing and delivering the solutions voted for by members of Mi Casita and Kosmo People.

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How it works

You will receive the relevant links to find out more about the projects when you purchase the five-part ebook series.