Dear Soul Mate

Sorry for the long silence. I am hoping that once you find out about where I have been you will understand why I haven’t been in touch.

Just over ten years ago, I left the UK to write a book series which I finished in 2011. Since then, my life has taken me on an unimaginable journey.

Suffice to say, it has brought me ‘perfecty’ to this point where I feel more ready to share the series with the world than I was back then. What’s more, it is incredibly more relevant today than it was at the time.

A lot of work has been done in the last decade but, for now, what would be most comforting for me is to be able to build a community of women from all walks of life and backgrounds who share an interest in going back to basics, to try to understand what happened to us and how we ended up here, as a world.

It is imperative that women engage with this debate and, subsequently, for us to be able to map out the solutions for ourselves and all our children; engaging, where relevant, our daughters, sons and partners, in this process.

80% of proceeds from the book series will go towards an investment fund for deliverng some of the ideas I, and a few friends, have advanced. No doubt, other ideas will emerge from the process.

I would like you to accompany me on this journey by bringing yourself and as many of your dynamic friends, family and acquaintances as you can together to begin to talk about the nuts and bolts of the issues that we must tackle if we are going to make things better for all of our children.

I think we can if we apply both our rational and intuitive faculties to addressing this challenge.

But first, please take a look at the book series blog, then let me know your thoughts about being part of the Change Makers book club that has been set up to address the issues raised in the series.

I hope that once you have had the opportunity to do so, you’ll understand the reasons for my silence and, I sincerely hope, forgive me for my absence.

Please click on the following link, to start your explorations.

Much love


Change Makers Collective Book Club
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