Chapter 9: Drug Dealing vs. World Healing

Letter to Middle England

…If we are to believe the conspiracy theories that litter the Internet, and the mainstream media, on this subject, a major and most disturbing cause of the drugs epidemic might be geo-politics. On one side are the western countries, primarily the United States, and on the other Russia and China who are accused of working together to use drug trafficking alongside organised crime and terrorism to further their ambitions to succeed America as the world’s superpowers. Their plot is to advance the cause of Communism, which is already making good progress in South America.

One respectable proponent of this theory reports that he was once told by a high-ranking Russian defector that the Russian military has plans to smuggle weapons of mass destruction into the United States in advance of World War III along the same routes used by drug traffickers. The Russians are also accused of being involved in the Afghan opium war and of being in cahoots with the Afghan drug barons. And as the number one consumer of illicit drugs, the United States is said to be unable to stop the flow of cocaine from Colombia or opium from Afghanistan, as it is unable to confront Russia and China over their strategic uses of illicit drugs.

China is not new to this phenomenon, having been the subject of what has been described as the world’s first drug wars, also known as the Opium Wars, of the late eighteen century…

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