Chapter 8: Obama the Anti-Christ?

Letter to Middle England

…What is very interesting about rumours concerning President Obama’s agenda is how they resonate with much of the debate on the left and right of the political spectrum. Both sides believe he is a pawn in the hands of the elite, who have chosen him to continue their long term agenda of world domination (a perspective from the left) or subjugation of America to a new world order (if we are to believe the right).

According to the brother of one of America’s most voracious right wing critics, President Obama’s agenda is to undo, brick by brick, the glorious constitutional republic of the United States and its social compact with the American people. The litany of shocks he accuses the President of delivering to the system include cavorting with terrorist dictators and betraying Israel. Demonising ‘big oil’ and other energy producers, free market capitalists, and those who oppose his health plan as dishonest and partisan; condemning those who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens as “demagogues”; and labelling those who protest against him like the ‘tea party’ protestors as an angry mob, are among the President’s other perceived offenses. In relation to the health debate, he believes the President is on a crusade to subsume the health care industry. He complains that the President has targeted and vilified the entire insurance industry for daring to oppose his plan, seeing them as those who would bend or break the truth in order to score political points and stop the country from progressing. He has accused them of “filling the airwaves with deceptive and dishonest ads … designed to mislead the American people.” President Obama is a Stalin and a Hitler rolled into one.

On the left, in contrast, a very well known and respected journalist describes President Obama as a clever young man who is a very fine hypnotist, and as someone who does one thing and gets you to believe another. One angry blogger who describes him as a ‘low-down, snake-eyed liar’ accuses him of pounding the pavement for a comprehensive American health plan, whilst behind the scenes he is cutting deals with the pharmaceutical industry…




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