Chapter 8: Breakdown

Sneak Peeks – More than a Woman

…We are now learning that the needs and psyches of men and women are remarkable for their similarities than their differences. Technological advancement has made it possible for people to have easier access to information; and the media, for all its sins, has brought into sharp focus the extent of the choices on offer. Girls are now doing better than boys at school. Although ‘man’ is still very much in charge, earning more than his fair share over an equally qualified woman; ‘man’ the hunter, provider and protector is extinct as many join the queue of the unemployed and disenfranchised. And although this bias is bound to fail women as it once failed men, men are also being marginalised as central to the family or the lives of their children. The traditional sense of ‘entitlement’ of men is being challenged everywhere. But we are also learning that man is capable of altering his way of thinking and living. In this sense, breakdown is a good thing.

Already there are small shoots of hope…



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