Chapter 7: Survival of the happiest

More than a Woman

…As the masculinisation of cultures progressed, male sexuality was further regulated as the body, emotions and elements deemed subversive of male control became despised. This was why the Catholic Church forbade priests from marrying. It was a rule designed to minimise the influence of women over men and to ensure male loyalties to the institution.

The gap between men and women continued to widen. Men became the gods on earth and women the slaves on earth. Man’s contempt for woman continued to be fostered by forces of patriarchy such as institutions of religion and the army. They became isolated not only from women but from the feminine principles and values associated with them. The inevitable competitiveness between men and the never-ending jostling to gain the attention of the ‘fathers’ of the institutions they served isolated them even further from each other. If they could not befriend those who were like them, they had nowhere to go…

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