Chapter 7: Convergence

Letter to Middle England

…They will have a profound effect on others, and in time a crucial mass of people will be awakened. Sometime in the future many people will become aware of this phenomenon and will begin to work towards a common vision for humanity, cooperating towards the creation of a new world and a new way of being and living. The result will be a new world spiritual culture.

The question of when such a vision will materialise preoccupies many within the movement. Current events around the world, in particular those relating to the environmental disasters that grace our television screens in seemingly increasing frequency, are seen as a sign that that time is nigh. Whether this is hocus pocus or not, what doesn’t seem to be in dispute is that in spite of man’s incredible technological and material advancement, there is an existential crisis facing the world, a crisis about the unfair distribution of resources which sees a small percentage of people living on the resources of most of the rest of the world. The result is tremendous poverty in some of the richest parts of the world…

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