Chapter 6: Sufferance & Anger

Know Thyself

…It was a period of coming to terms with the fact that talk about our civilisedness, and assumptions about living in the age of reason, was mere rhetoric. The reality was that apart from the external trappings of progress and modernisation, our hearts, minds and souls were stunted, trapped in the traditional myths about difference, the ‘Us vs. them’ syndrome of the tribal cultures that we had come to despise. We were just more sophisticated in our use of selective research, the steady stream of “ground breaking” discoveries like those provided by the eugenicists, to entrench our prejudices. The result was a disconnection between how we portrayed ourselves and how we really are. Perhaps even more crucial, how we really felt. It was this disconnection that turned us into a society lacking in fundamental compassion for the vulnerable, that seeks to help them but instead punishes them for their plight, a society that has spawned one of the most inhumane systems that humanity has ever known…

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