Chapter 5: Victoria’s Prison

Sneak Peeks – More than a Woman

…Women emerged from two thousand years of Christian history in various states of mind, ranging from conformism to rebellion and manipulation to compromise. No woman who has been exposed to this world view, in spite of the progress we have made, has remained unscathed by the wounds inflicted by patriarchy. These days, although the roles of men and women are nowhere near as rigid as they were centuries ago, our lives are still conditioned by a Christian past. Many of the challenges we still face are steeped in centuries of perceptions which have survived into the post Christian, secular era. Most women continue to be mentally and emotionally, if not physically, consigned to Victoria’s prison.

Some have chosen not to question the system. They prefer instead to accept tradition and society’s expectations of them. Others have chosen to compromise between their roles of the independent modern woman and the dependent traditional wife or spouse. Yet more have chosen to challenge the system by adopting the rules and values of patriarchy…



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