Chapter 5: Ideology of Eugenics


…But Allah provides generously for whomever He chooses and diverts His grace away from whomever He chooses.”

The truth, as the saying goes, is mighty and will prevail. The ‘white’, lazy, ignorant and stupid people of the north went on to conquer the world, subjugate the Arabs, Indians and Persians and develop one of the most technologically advanced civilisations to date. It is ironic, but noteworthy, that centuries later, they would also go on to classify people and nations using similar ideas.

The study of genetics has a dreary history. From the early days it was dominated by individuals who had an agenda, an axe to grind, a point to prove about themselves and the rest of the human race. They confidently proclaimed the links between genes and everything from criminality, arson, and a zest for life to genius and behaviour. They promoted notions of selective breeding, which resulted in disasters such as the Nazi experiments and world wars. In fact, although the emphasis and tone of the study of genetics has changed significantly, there are those who still hold wistfully to accounts of inborn differences between people, men and women, and those of different hues. As a result, whole series of behaviours are now blamed on DNA, from schizophrenia to manic depression and alcoholism. Looking for answers in genetics rather than in the value systems which impact our behaviour is one obsession that lies at the heart of the mammoth struggle between those who look to genetics for all the answers and the nurturists, who cite external factors – environment, the role of parents, and peer pressure, as the main influencers of our behaviour…

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