Chapter 4: The Demise of God

Know Thyself

… He taught that the earth was the centre of the universe and claimed in his work, Generation of Animal, that the human female is a deformed male. He also claimed in another of his works, History of Animals, that males have more teeth than females! Nevertheless, Aristotle’s theories were accepted without question by European thinkers before, during and after the Protestant reformation. Alongside Plato, who was his teacher, Aristotle is celebrated as an important founding father of western thought. His teachings on logic, philosophy, politics, government, rhetoric, music and science were seminal.

The church, indeed, was not against thinkers except those who tried to rethink its teachings. Despite the oppression, many men did wrestle with their belief and unbelief, with questions that stir in us even now. Men like Descartes, Pascal, Darwin, Karl Marx, Freud and Nietzsche. Wanting to justify their beliefs, these men took risks to set the trend from which modern rational man…”

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