Chapter 4: Perfect Chaos

Letter to Middle England

…The march for peace is part of the painful process of the growing up that we must all go through individually, and eventually collectively, to achieve the true freedom which we all crave and desire. It is why I believe that we must use the current stand off between those who value genuine freedom and those who seek to stifle such a freedom in the Muslim world, the Christian world and elsewhere, as an opportunity to come of age.

It is why I also believe that the current stand off between men and women is a good thing; it is why the breakdown of social structures must continue; it is why people of different racial and cultural backgrounds must defy age-old divisions. The chaos is absolutely perfect chaos; the perfect catalyst and part of the long march to freedom. We must do it hand in hand, as equal members of the human race in the here and now, for ourselves, for our children, their children, the planet, the cosmos and all of nature…

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