Chapter 4: Global Havoc


…If these corporations lack any form of loyalty to their own nation, they cannot possibly feel any responsibility to other communities. They exploit them and their resources, do not contribute fairly to taxes, and have no scruples about whom they deal and work with, regardless of their policies. The manipulation by multinational companies of poorer countries is justified on the pretext that they are increasing the per capita income of their nationals, civilising and improving the conditions of these people. But these ‘privileges’ are limited to a small elitist percentage of the population. So this claim is disingenuous. The great majority of the ‘third world’ are poor people; they form a generation that have less food, poorer clothing and live in much worse living conditions than their parents had. And this situation is steadily deteriorating as catastrophes like famine, droughts, floods and diseases remain unprecedented in modern world history…

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