Chapter 4: Cycles

Ain’t no Black or White

…These prophecies are said to be very far reaching, affecting every aspect of life of the ancient Egyptian and by extension the African people, including those who migrated south at the decline of the civilisation. They are said to predict disunity, civil war and unrest, tribal conflicts, underachievement of its young, colonisation, unemployment, corrupt leadership, witchcraft, incurable diseases, male irresponsibility, oppression, marginalisation, fear, defeat, slavery and immigration and domination from the North: “The daughter of Egypt shall be confounded;  she shall be delivered into the hand of the people of the north.” (Jeremiah 46:24)

In the face of the biblical account of slavery in ancient Egypt, there are those who still hold that there is little historical evidence that the pyramids were built by slaves. Instead historical evidence suggests that farmers and other workers were employed during the flood season to erect the pyramids and other large building projects. It was much later in its history that Egypt maintained large groups of slaves. Egyptian slavery was considered by them to be much different to European slavery because in ancient Egypt slaves could own land, marry freeborn people, and even employ servants. Slavery in Egypt did not mean the total ownership later associated with the Transatlantic Slavery.

Needless to say, with the demise of ancient Egypt and Africa, another landmark cycle of documented oppression was to start, this time of Africans by people from the north, Europeans, who, ignorant of or ignoring the ‘black’ Egyptian experience, commenced an even more brutal form of slavery as the African chickens came home to roost…

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