Chapter 3: Searching for SOUL

Know Thyself

… As I waited to get out of this theatre, I made some important observations and discoveries. One of the most important I made early on was the link between our actions and the consequences of our actions, which I came to understand as Karma. Somehow, there appeared to be an invisible hand that meted out this justice and I sensed it worked in a complicated way. There were laws, laws of nature as I saw them; and they provided for our rights as well as our responsibilities. And often there was justice. It was never black or white. It didn’t matter that people may have behaved in the same way, but their personalities, their motivations and the impact of their actions seemed to feature very strongly in the justice they received. I learned very early on that there was a lot of grey in life and most of it was relative. It would take me many years of experience before I understood it, and that it was called the Law of Karma in the east, but I felt its existence back then as strongly as I do today…

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