Chapter 2: Identity & Power

Sneak Peeks – Letter to Middle England

…The pursuit of power, as a celebrated and heroic phenomenon, is a drive that invokes a sense of a god-like transcendence. It invokes feelings of invulnerability, impregnability, and untouchability. It offers the ability to affect others while remaining unaffected. Such power is not only of the utmost value in the political world, it matters as much in our personal worlds.

While such power suggests the ability to move outward with energy, it is usually accompanied by the need for control. Control connotes the ability to restrain, regulate, harness, repress, suppress, oppress or depress. Once power and control are combined or used synonymously, they become something which, according to Talcott Parsons, the American sociologist, enables someone to alter the will or actions of others so that they conform to his will. For Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher, it is the ability to compel obedience. This perception of power is also referred to as domination, which reduces human interactions to a series of power relations…



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