Chapter 13: Healing

Letter to Middle England

… For love to be real is to be ready to serve others. It is to be able to approach others not from the ‘outside’ but in a way that we are able to share their helplessness and inadequacy. It is to be unafraid to open up, to offer help that makes us vulnerable to the other, to treat everyone as equal, to say not in words but in action, you exist! It is to hope with those who are trapped in unjust social conditions, just like it is to hope with the ‘prisoner’ of physical, moral and spiritual misery. Giving money to charity is not enough, because charity is not limited to donations. It involves the ability to act, think, feel and share with everyone. It is to give our hearts to love unconditionally, to create a world dedicated to harmony.

In the final analysis, the reward for love is wonderful. It is the beauty of joy, the joy that is in the face, the eye and the smile; the joy that reflects thoughtfulness and regard for others…

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