Chapter 11: Transcending

Ain’t no Black or White

…My belief in karma and my trawl through history combined with common sense tells me that our African ancestors who once stood proud, admired, and revered started the vicious race for supremacy. So it seems fair that it is we who must lead the way to bring an end to the pain of racism by transcending racism. Equally, my belief in karma and this exact trawl through history tells me that nothing lasts for ever. ‘White’ people who still cling to power, who continue to oppress and degrade their fellow human beings for reasons of illusion are merely postponing the inevitable. As Africans have had to learn, and are still learning, what goes around has a habit of coming around. Tinkering around the edges of this truth is no longer sustainable.

This book is the acknowledgement of a lesson learned: the solutions lie not in personal development programmes to heal ‘black’ males, but in facing up to the bogus history of ‘race’. No matter how much we postpone it, all of us must one day transcend the myth of ‘race’. No matter how much we try to disguise it, we are simply human beings who want similar things, to be happy and peaceful. No matter how much we avoid it, beyond the bluster and the illusions, many of us are just souls who have lost our way and forgotten the basics of how to love, to be happy, to appreciate ourselves and others, and to be at peace with our neighbours, our fellow humans, and our cosmos…

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