Chapter 11: Boomeritis – Lessons from Ken Wilber Part 2

Sneak Peeks – Letter to Middle England

…The reality, for those who wish to engage in the process of transformation, is hard work. Recognising the tasks and the challenges involved is important. Meditation, for instance, might enable one to access higher states of consciousness because it is about letting go of everything. However, it does not address the emotional and psychological dimensions that demand a different type of attention. Often these emotional and psychological dimensions host a range of developmental issues and neuroses which have to be resolved. They belong to that part of us that Wilber refers to as the shadow or the disowned self, which we have repressed and disassociated from, but which nonetheless continue to be a part of us, even if it has been pushed out of our consciousness.

According to Wilber these repressed emotions remain at the level at which they were disowned, undermining the potential for growth because they diminish our consciousness and ability to live in the Now…




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