Chapter 10: Do you hate Women?

More than a Woman

…Through conversations with my best friend, I came to realise that my fear of women, like that of Christine de Pizan an early feminist who hated women, was ingrained. I wasn’t helped by the stereotypes we had grown up with of women as vicious, manipulative and spiteful. Whilst it is true that many women had unconsciously imbibed these stereotypes, I came to accept that I got exactly what I was looking for, each time, by focusing on the wounds women carry and for not supporting women’s healing. I learned to ask myself the question: “How would that make you feel?”

Responding to this question has been central to my healing. In my rage about the unkindness of women, my friend would point out that difference does get punished; that is the way of human behaviour. Being different meant I triggered reactions in women and I had to find a way to deal with it…

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