Chapter 1: Tribute to Middle England

Letter to Middle England

…There is no doubt in my mind that what was unique about the way your ancestors set about dominating individuals and communities across the world was their understanding that culture carries rules for thinking. They understood that if used skilfully on others, culture was the best weapon for subjugating and pacifying the people they conquered. They also understood the power of cultural conditioning in limiting the vision of those they dominated; that, it had the strong potential to destroy their ability to act in their own interest. The narratives they created were designed to last for the longest time possible. Even today, with all the trumpeted advances rational man has made, the blatant myths that underpin these narratives continue to permeate the thinking of the most educated men and women across the world. But, these rules apply both ways. They can be used to subjugate and dominate as they can be used to liberate and transform.

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