Chapter 1: Do you know what empathy means?

More than a Woman

…I vaguely heard him talk about empathy as being the ability to ‘walk in another person’s moccasin.’ I think it was a quote he’d picked up from one of the motivational books we were always being encouraged to read.

We were both twenty three years old and working for a financial services company in Watford. What Tony (not his real name) didn’t realise was that this conversation was to change my life forever. He had been feeling a bit sore about my complete indifference to his feelings about me. He clearly felt that I was so ‘into myself’ that I had no clue about other peoples feelings. At that very moment, however, I was trying to understand the purpose of his lecture. All I can remember looking back is that no one had asked me such a question before, and no one had talked to me about walking in another’s moccasin. I was fascinated. Soon the lessons in empathy extended to a session on self analysis…

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