Chapter 1: Classy Peasants

Sneak Peeks – Classless

…He continued: “I dislike the way they have come to this country, lived here for twenty years or more, made no effort to learn the language and are proud of it, made no effort to get to know the culture and how they have tried to turn this place into a ‘little England’.”

I listened as he puffed at his cigarette for a moment and then he continued: “I dislike the way they moan all the time “In England, this wouldn’t happen, in England…in England…””

I understood what he meant. This was something I had heard a lot about from the English and the Spanish. I don’t know enough English people down here to speak on this matter with authority; but what I do know is that in England, the English are horrified at the idea of immigrants living in their country who cannot speak their language. As a result, in some quarters, ‘multiculturalism’ has become a dirty word because it smirks of another way of life being imposed on the English way of life.

I have made no secret of my views on British multiculturalism. As a supporter of the integrationist approach to life, I believe that, save where a belief system encourages harming another, people should enthusiastically embrace the language and culture of the country they live in. This applies to everyone, not just the less fortunate in search of sanctuary or economic well being…



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