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Fourteen years ago, in June 2008, I started on an odyssey for change with the writing of this book series. Although I was as inspired as others were at the time, by the events of that year, I knew that change would not be that easy to achieve. This was on the day the previous president of the United States of America was elected to represent his political party in the presidential elections of that year.

People were inspired. We were excited and optimistic that this could be a turning point in our world’s history. There was a sense that it was time to heal the wounds of history and move forward, together, as a world.

I was not convinced. Instead, I felt sure that the divisions would be magnified by his presidency. This was why I was inspired to contribute what I could to the conversation to be had if we really wanted things to change.

It is remarkable that in spite of the decade that has elapsed since I set out on this odyssey, the topics I wrote about back then are now more relevant than they even were all those years ago.

In the subsequent years after completing the series, I spent valuable time working with a small group of friends to develop solutions for addressing the issues raised in the series, and then took time out to recover. The journey, for me, was a lot longer and arduous than I had envisaged but I am content that we arrived at a good place in the end.

As you explore this blog, to find out more about the How would that make you feel? series, I hope you enjoy reflecting on the ideas and stories that I have presented. I am very grateful to have come this far, to be able to share these ideas with you. As you read, you automatically transform your world by thinking through the issues I write about whilst eighty percent of revenues from the books will go towards an investment fund to support the delivery of our proposals. Members of our readers’ communities get the added benefit of voting for these proposals.

You can stay in touch via the Interact pages and keep yourself updated on my writings via Related Blogs. If you wish to be a member of the Read and Transform Community, please register your interest after you purchase the book series. We will keep you updated on developments.

I have refrained from publishing my name to give you the opportunity to navigate the labyrinth of ideas explored in the series without distraction. This also gives me the opportunity to spend more time on my own personal growth and on the practice of my values.

I hope to continue to serve the transformation agenda in whatever way I can, maintaining my privacy which is very important to me.

Very best wishes

The Author
October 2022

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton