About the author


Stories from the author’s life highlight the active role played by her parents in shaping her life path. Her father taught her to think, to take responsibility for her thoughts and to never be afraid of them. Her mother provided the foundation and security which enabled her to fly free so that she could know herself. Both her parents had their roles to play and they played them perfectly.

Her ex-husband also played an important role in her life which taught her to be the person she is today. The author describes her two sons as her wings. They teach her to fly and they do so with patience, acceptance, understanding, challenges and always with unconditional love.

The project team has been wonderful. Her book editor, a gift from the universe, was a wonderful example of steadfastness and patience.

She is grateful to each friend, each family member, each colleague and each acquaintance for their contribution to this project and/or to her life’s journey. She is particularly grateful to the international group of women and men she met in Marbella, Spain, where she moved to, to write the series. They were instrumental in her growth – fellow members of Mi Casita, the club they set up to develop their proposals for change, in particular members of the management team who invested time and conviction in their vision for a better world. You know who you are.

She is exceptionally grateful to the young people who came together to create BGUN of Africa. Those in particular who have remained steadfast, in spite of their challenging circumstances, to support the vision of Africa’s Renaissance – a rebirth which she came to realise is essential for a better world to emerge.

She also wishes to acknowledge the work of other authors whose works add value to her words; the creators of the Internet, the DIY bloggers and writers, and developers of resources and so many more who have revolutionised the way we see, understand and use knowledge, forever.

She was inspired to start writing again by the millions of people across the world, who during the American elections in two thousand and eight rooted for change – of the status quo. Even though she is convinced that governments cannot deliver change and that this historical moment was symbolic, just a tiny step on the hard road that we must tread; she was inspired because these people wanted an alternative narrative. They believed in the better side of our collective humanity. Thank You.

She would like to dedicate the How would that make you feel? series to the young people she met and worked with over the years. They gave her the strength to never give up. She feels strongly that the young are the custodians of the future and that Fred Astaire was right: “Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.”  We have to and we must.